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we won't stand for hazy eyes anymore.

who needs you?

since he's been gone.
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smiles prevail. even through the pain.
abandon, abusive relationships, adrenaline, an attempt to forget, animosity, anorexia for me, are you turned on?, asshole boys, attachment, avoiding the void, becoming independent, blurred vision, breaking down, breaking up, bringing up the bones, changing styles, cherished, chick flicks, cold nights, colored contacts, cozy, crying alone, culture, daryl is pure love, daryl palumbo, ditch me i'm sensitive, divorced parents, driving at night, dying for love, emails, eyeliner, falling hard and fast, family, fate, feeling left out, fireplaces, first loves, fitday, flip flops, flirting, forever and a day, forever and longer, frowns, fuck food, fuck the past, gaining faith, giddy, glassjaw, god, growing up, hands, head automatica, healthy food, heart, heartbreaking boys, heavy rain, high school, highlights, holding hands, holiday season, homework, hormones, horror movies, hott, hugs, hungry kisses, i was so stupid, i'm an attention whore, i'm getting over it, illusions of happiness, inexperienced, infatuation, instant messages, it's so hard, jewelry, kisses, letting him go, lips, living with regret, loneliness at night, long conversations, long-lasting, losing weight, love-less, lovebites and razorlines, making him jealous, making myself happy, mature relationships, messy hair, metal tabbed belts, miss a beat, mouths, moving on, music, neglection, never been kissed, new clothes, nothing left, obliterating his existance, obsession, oh man, online, passionate kisses, praying, psychological thrillers, psychology class, random relapses, ravage me, re-building myself, reading great books, real beauty, reminiscing, sad rain, sadness all around, safe in my heart, scared of winter, scream my lungs out, self-improvement is self-destruction, sexual activities, sexy, shy, sick of this mess, skinny, skirts, slim, smiles, sort of independent, stand on my own, staring, starry nights, starting over, still dieting, straightening my hair, such pretty eyes, summer sunshine, surfaced memories, teenage hormones, true romance, trust issues, trying to get skinny, trying to let go, unattainable, vanity, virgin, warm breezes, will make myself beautiful, wiping the slate clean, wishing, writing, youhurtme(fuckyou)